I would like to add….”May you always be blessed with green clothing.” Don’t get pinched today ;) Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Track name: Moon River

Artist: Audrey Hepburn


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No choir today…..Sounds like I have a date with Audrey :) Good movie.


Audrey Hepburn - Moon River

My little homage to one of the best Oscar winning songs of all time.

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Reba McEntire-If I Were A Boy.

Stop it, Reba. Just stop it.

Vanessa!!!!! I found this AND the first part of your read alouds to me on facebook :) If I find the book will you finish sometime? I miss your silly voices :P

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Notice that when it’s written out, it looks like he stuttered on family :) haha!

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Willow Smith Music Video of the Day: Rich Lee directs the visuals for Willow Smith’s latest Roc Nation cut, “21st Century Girl.”

What the video lacks in hair whipping it more than makes up for in wolf running.


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Can anyone say “obesity”?

Fried chicken is the most popular meal ordered in a sit-down restaurant in the United States. The next in popularity are roast beef, spaghetti, turkey, baked ham, and fried shrimp.


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Honestly, one of the most stressful moments of my life. Stupid bear.

Betcha you have the song from the credits stuck in your head now. Oo-de-lally Oo-de-lally golly what a day! :)